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500$ at almost , holy shit why didn’t you report it to the authorities as shit. That’s like fraud.

Sadly, I can't do anything too extreme, I'm not from the US
I have some public data from him since he has paid me twice on Paypal
Paypal info includes phone number, address, email...

But again- I can't do too much

Its too easy to get scammed. Until I've built a relationship w/ the client, my policy is half up front, half after completion.

I have different TOS, I posted them in the document too
The thing is- I gave him my TOS to read TWO TIMES, he said he read them, but STILL don't go over them... I'm not someone's dad to keep going over every single person making sure they read stuff.... I gave you the stuff to read, if you don't read it, then it's YOUR problem...

Sadly he runs away from everything like a big chicken... Thinking that just blocking me will stop me to try my best to get justice over this.
So far, the evidence has been sent to Paypal, Paypal told me that there's a SLIGHT (Im having hope) possiblitity that- if he doesn't want to do anything, they'll step in and make sure he pays

People have asked me "then why you kept working???"
This is not the first time I have experienced this behaviour... I have another client, owner of a drag queen supplies store, that does basically the same as DFC... the difference between them two is that the drag queen pays me the changes, gives me big tips, accepts responsibility when he does wrong or touches my limits and apologies for making me do too much work
I get happy when the drag queen comes to me for comms...
I don't get happy when DFC arrives...

And as im commenting this, how has he not been banned yet? Also there’s gotta be a way those people can get their money back

Banned- hmmm that's something in the hands of the mods and/or tom fulp
And as for the way to get money back... I asked paypal if we could do anything about this
and one of the customer service agents gave me a bit of hope by saying that there's a slight possibility to step in

498.10 USD holy shit
hope things get settled dude

Thanks man, I appreciate the words <3

man what a fuckin loser

A loser, and a coward!
Running away from your problems instead of confronting them is an act of cowardy!