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Posted by Mimny - August 7th, 2021


User @FLWR has a record of:

-Avoiding TOS/playing by his own rules

-Abandoning commissions/projects

-Complaining about paying

-Null clarity on comm requests/excessive changes

-Playing victim and running away from the problem instead of resolving it

A document explaining the case and owed money:


OWING 498.10 USD

Just be careful out there, guys...

Always defend yourself and don't work for free

Your time and experience has a value

EDIT: Even so I have some PayPal receipts with personal info about him, I won't do anything with that info unless Paypal talks to me... Paypal's customer service agent told me over the phone that there's a SLIGHT possibility to step in and make him pay, but they'll come back to me with news about that tomorrow, or Monday...

EDIT 2: If you have Twitter or Facebook, please spread the info about this person, aside from spreading my case, you'll spreading info about him to stop artists to fall into his game

Callout tweet: https://twitter.com/Mimny123/status/1424126142693380100

Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/myn.rdza/posts/6046078168767946

Edit 3: Banning people from this platform is in NG mods and/or Tom Fulp's hands...

But I dunno if I should tell them to step in... I'm kinda nervous...

I once did an artist beware about someone else in NG and reported it to a mod, and well- the account of that person is still up...

(I have sent Tom Fulp a message! I talked with a close friend about maybe telling mods and such about this problem, and they say I should tell them to prevent DFC to scam more people)

Edit 4: There are also the concern of "maybe he didn't had money"

Let's never forget, he once sent me this screenshot, FLEXING on his money, so there's NO excuse iu_381081_7647521.png

Edit 5: (copy-paste from a comment down below)

People have asked me "then why you kept working???"

This is not the first time I have experienced this behaviour... I have another client, owner of a drag queen supplies store, that does basically the same as DFC... the difference between them two is that the drag queen pays me the changes, gives me big tips, accepts responsibility when he does wrong or touches my limits and apologies for making me do too much work

I get happy when the drag queen comes to me for comms...

I don't get happy when DFC arrives...


Posted by Mimny - July 3rd, 2021



Posted by Mimny - March 15th, 2021

I just wanted to share the entry I worked on

I'm really happy with the result, plus, I had so much fun working with my boyos- Crimson and Denim

Their name is new <3

I'm also gonna share the ref sheet for them iu_257938_7647521.jpg

Fun fact!

Did you know Crimson and Denim originally appeared on Tortilla Time 2002?

They had no name back then!

These pretty boys are co-owned by me, LDranzer and JoeJourney


Posted by Mimny - April 1st, 2020

No- this is NOT a joke

April 1st is my day


Birthday song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb1jVmy10fs




Posted by Mimny - December 23rd, 2019

I'm not really used to talk about my personal life... like I do talk about it, but when I do it's pretty alien for me I mostly feel that I'm a burden when I do, heh

But since you all are a bunch of strangers for me, I would like to make some things clear since I have received this kinds of questions since I started my journey on the internet, and maybe you have the same questions too!

  • Who are you?
  • I'm Mimny... I'm a male, my pronouns are he/him, I do feel VERY weird and offended when people thinks I'm a girl since- well... I'm too sensitive, and that's okay... it's how I am, but yeah, I do feel sad when people thinks I'm a girl... I'm 20yo, my birthday is on april 1st (yes really, it's not a joke)

  • How did you learnt how to draw? Teach me how to draw!
  • I learnt how to draw by my own and no, I won't teach anyone, there are enough tutorials on the internet

  • Where are you from?
  • I'm from Mexico... My main language is spanish, but of course I know how to talk english as well, just please, be patient, sometimes I can't understand stuff at first thought and I misspell some words

  • Can you draw my character? Art trades/requests open?
  • I have commissions open... I don't do art trades/requests, I only do these with my friends and when I'm really on the mood

  • What do you use to draw?
  • I use a Wacom Intuos Small, I use photoshop, SAI and Illustrator to draw (I switch between those 3 apps), I don't use any special kind of brushes, just default brushes

  • Why don't you animate?
  • I do, but it takes me so long and I always end up mentally tired when I do, so for now, I just do tiny simple loops

  • Why don't you make a comic?
  • I'm trying ;-; I have all the idea, but I don't know how to do it :c

  • Why don't you post frequently?
  • I'm studying, and it takes me a lot of energy and time, I'm more active in every of my social media on vacations

  • Any advice for this young artist?
  • Take a bath between drawings and focus

If you have any question that is not mentioned in here, feel free to ask me!



Posted by Mimny - December 21st, 2019

Hey! Welcome to all my new followers!

Some of you are here thanks to my collaboration to the Christmas ADVENTure 2019, go check it out if you haven't seen it!

In case you didn't noticed, I have some extra social media and a discord on my profile, so I hope you all like my art!

I'm pretty chill so don't be scared to ask me stuff and comment!

Thank you! <3



Posted by Mimny - September 23rd, 2019

I'm new